Conference season is over

And with it begins the excessive writing season! But before we can actually present some papers, I want to share with you our conference presentations.

In August, we joined the JURE and EARLI conference, both of them in an online environment – and despite the remote set-up, it was an amazing experience to join, meet fellow researchers, and even have a drink or two at my home desk, connected to other PhDs all around Europe as last researchers standing (see photo)!

But to come back to the essentials: At the JURE conference, I presented the preliminary results of our longitudinal interview study on students’ well-being, resilience and the learning environments role in it during COVID-19. A week later, we discussed these results together with our first paper on the interaction between student and teacher well-being and a paper of my favourite fellow research human Raven Rinas (her Twitter account) in a collaborate workspace with the aim of coming up with conclusions for academic well-being research practice.

The slides, including our as well as the participants input, can now be downloaded exactly here: