ENLIGHT programme on diversity and inclusion

At the end of April, a colleague of mine – Bilge – and I joined the ENLGHT programme “Teaching for Global Citizenship in European classrooms: A challenge-based approach” as mentors for students tackling different challenges surrounding inclusion and diversity in the classroom in beautiful Ghent, Belgium (leading to 3 study points for the students). As a European Network, ENLIGHT (European university Network to promote equitable quality of Life, sustaInability and Global engagement through Higher education Transformation) includes nine different universities from nine different European countries, amongst which Estonia, France, Sweden and others.

With up to five students from each of the nine universities, the programme in Ghent aimed to engage them as global citizens, evoke new ideas and perspectives on the topics of inclusion and diversity, and give them the opportunity to actively contribute to European or even global educational challenges. Split into different groups focused on different topics regarding inclusion and diversity, the students discussed their challenges and worked on potential solutions. As mentors, we coached one of these groups and guided them prior to and during that week, and will also guide them through the last phase afterwards. Therefore, together with PhDs from the other universities also mentoring the students, we enjoyed several thought-provoking discussions, connecting with other PhDs and exchanging experiences and ideas, Belgian waffles, avant-garde jazz, and the huge variety of famous Belgian beers!