Finally, in-person conferences!

After two years of waiting, hoping, crossing fingers, getting disappointed, and presenting everything online, with no visual audience or fruitful discussions, I finally got the pleasure to attend real-life in-person conferences!

with colleagues at the JURE conference

This last month, I visited the EARLI SIG 1&4 conference focusing on higher education in Cádiz, Spain, and the JURE conference for EARLI junior educational researchers in Porto, Portugal – and it has been amazing: exchanging thoughts, brainstorming about potential new studies, making friends, having great food in beautiful cities, or simply joking around. Particularly getting to know new formats, such as how a symposium works and how fantastic it can be to organise it with people who are just as interested in well-being research as I am.

presenting my research within the academic well-being symposium at the SIG 1&4

Here you can find the presentation about our survey study on student well-being during COVID-19 in the Netherlands that I presented in our academic well-being symposium (SIG1&4), and the presentation about our current intervention study (JURE):