New publication – Caught between relief and unease. Students’ well-being during COVID-19

Drumroll and confetti, there is a new publication in the framework of my PhD research on student well-being in relation to the academic learning environment! After having interviewed students and teachers about their perceptions on students’ well-being and learning environment (see this publication) shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked two students, two teachers, and two support staff to continue interviews with us throughout the initial pandemic months. The recent publication is the result of these interviews.

In a nutshell, participants mentioned a range of pandemic-related stressors, but also positive aspects regarding their pandemic-related well-being. They also reported a variety of resilience factors, both on an individual and academic level, that helped them cope with the pandemic strain. Finally, the learning environment appeared to satisfy the three basic psychological needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness differently across the time points of measurement.

But read for yourself, here!