My little German experience this summer

This year, I will attend the first student health conference in Mainz, the city I studied, lived, and worked in for eight years – so this is something quite special for me! At this conference, I will present the preliminary results of my intervention study, testing a game-approach to enhance student well-being in resilience in higher education courses, and I am so excited!

At the same time, I wrote a contribution to the students’ newspaper of the distance University of Hagen, Germany, about the boardgame and how such alternative interventions can promote university students’ basic psychological needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Check it out here (only in German, unfortunately).

(for more cartoons, check out my instagram @lis.lito)

Lastly, here you can find the poster (also in German, unfortunately) for more information or for anyone attending the conference to take another look afterwards: