Talking About Well-Being in Higher Education – officially pre-registered

The very first study of our project ‘Enhancing student’s resilience’ is now officially pre-registered. You can find the study’s registration on !

What is the first study about in detail?

Students show substantially higher prevalence for mental health problems than the general community samples. However, the academic environment can also have a positive impact on students’ well-being. That is why the present research project focuses on academic factors enhancing students’ robustness against psychological strain, something we call resilience. In semi-structured interviews, various participants gave their opinion towards every aspect of the research topic. A clearer picture of aspects positively influencing student well-being could serve as the basis for further interventions. In doing so, the system ‘university’ could become a healthier one.

By the way – we are now done with data collection and busy going into analysis. Still interested? Then follow us here or on Twitter @KiltzLisa to stay up to date!