Times have changed…

…and so has our research project.

Just like the rest of Europe, we work in home office, and cope with the cancellation of various conferences we would have taken part in. Like that, we are taking social distancing seriously and trying to get everything done from the kitchen/living room table. Doable!

The current situation made us split the project into two:

1) In cooperation with Raven Rinas, we combine the interviews already conducted with interviews from her university in Augsburg, Germany. With her help, we are now investigating the interaction between student and teacher well-being and are excited to see the results – ate the moment, we are busy analysing the data and will eventually try to publish the results this summer!

2) Moreover, COVID-19 provided us with a research opportunity. Therefore, we extend our first interview study on enhancing student well-being. We are currently busy with online interviews, trying to get more insights into how student well-being is affected by the current pandemic and how the learning environment can facilitate studying in these times. Here, we can compare data before the pandemic with data during and hopefully data after the COVID-19 crisis.

Curious? Have a look at our (updated) pre-registrations:

‘If They Struggle, I Can’t Sleep Well Either’: The Interaction Between Student and Teacher Well-Being in Higher Education https://osf.io/2bu7v

Talking About Well-Being in Higher Education: How Students, Professors, and Faculty Perceive University Students’ Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic https://osf.io/uv2ze